Featuring United States Disc Dog Nationals Super Open, and Skyhoundz Disc Dog-a-thon World Championship Qualifiers!!
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Where:  All events will be held on the property of:

Purina Farms

300 Checkerboard Loop

Gray Summit, MO 63039
On the front lawn of Purina Farms, The outdoor Agility Field.  


Contact:  Adrian Custer, Event Director

Phone:  513-258-8909



When:  Saturday and Sunday, July 14th and 15th
Order of Events:


SATURDAY July 14th:  Super Open, Freestyle day!

9am CDT, Registration opens at 8am  

Run Order:
Novice Freestyle Round 1 (freestyle)
Senior Freestyle Round 1 (freestyle)
Super Open Round 1 (freestyle)
Novice T+C Round
Senior T+C Round
Super Open T+C Round
Novice Freestyle Round 2
Senior Freestyle Round 2
Awards for Novice, and Senior Freestyle
Super Open Round 2
Awards for Super Open and Super Pro

-A United States Disc Dog Nationals (USDDN) disc dog competition, with Freestyle (Super Open) on Saturday. Throw and Catch (Super Pro) Sunday.  Both Divisions being a National Championships Qualifier.  Also Novice and Senior (50+) divisions are also available, everyone is invited to come play.  Learn about the USDDN by visiting their site, click here.

 Entry fees and Pre-registration:  ***Will be updated soon***

 Super Open (USDDN Freestyle Qualifier) $
 Novice and Senior Division Freestyle $

Because July in Missouri can be hot and humid, and rain and thunderstorms are always possible:  In previous years (on Saturday) we have taken a break after the first rounds to let everyone cool off in an Air Conditioned Area of their choosing for a few hours.  We then started up with the final rounds later in the afternoon when the temperature cooled off a bit.  If we take a break this year, it will be determined by the Judging and Event Staff and is dependent on weather and available time considering the turn-out of competitors and any delays.  Safety of all people and dogs at the Hot Jam is paramount on our priority list.  

4:20 World Championships

Saturday Evening on the Purina Farms Performance Field, under the lights.  The second ever 4:20 World Championships. 

Start Time: Dependent on the conclusion of the USDDN Super Open and other divisions.

Rules:  Easy stuff.  
Just show up with your dogs some discs.
Entry Fees: Naw man, we cool. 


SUNDAY July 15th: 


Skyhoundz Disc Dog-a-Thon World Championship Qualifier


Same field as the prior day.  8am registration, 9am start time.


Rules:  You know 'em; everyone has fun.  Click Here!

Entry Fees:

 All enrty fees are subject to change, please bring cash or check, No charge cards.  All entries must be payed and all legal forms completed before any competitor is allowed to compete.  Entries are per Handler/Dog team.

***Entries fees and Pre-registration will be updated soon***



General Info:


Purina Farms concession area will be open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm both Saturday and Sunday.  It is located inside the Visitor Center along with the Gift Shop and indoor restrooms.  The Visitor Center will be unlocked at 8:00 am and locked at 4:00 pm.  The Purina Event Center also has indoor restrooms and concessions, open hours will be determined by the other competitions that will be going on there.  There is a convenient store one mile away from Purina Farms that is open from 6:00am to 11:00 pm.  There are two 24 hour Walmarts each 15 miles from Purina Farms.


Emergency (dog or human) information will be available at the Visitor Center front desk or at the registration/judging tent at the competition field.


Free RV and tent camping will be available at Purina Farms for Hot Jam competitors, friends, and family.  If you are bringing an RV or Camper Contact us so we can better accommodate all our guests.


Portable restrooms will be placed near the competition fields and camping areas for 24 hour use.


A water hose, baby pools, and water troughs will be available near the competition field to cool and water your dogs.


You may bring your own food and drinks but we ask that you don’t eat it in the Event Center or the Visitor Center Courtyard area during operating hours.  That area is reserved for Purina Farms concession customers.


Bring a canopy/tent, chairs, and dog crates/x-pen for yourself and your dog/dogs.  There will be designated areas at the competition fields where you may set it up to give yourself shade and a front row seat to the competition.  This is on a first come first serve basis starting Friday, July 11th at Noon, no reservations, you must stake your ground in person.

As a rule at Purina Farms; please do not put any mats down on the grass.  Also, turn your crates on their sides over-night to avoid damaging the grass beneath them, and try to avoid leaving anything that covers a large area of grass in place over the whole weekend.  Let's leave the field as good as we found it so we can enjoy it's use for years to come.




All parking is free.  There are parking lots in the vicinity of all our competitions.  We will have ATVs (John Derre Gators) to transport competitors' tents, crates, and stuff to the field.


Driving or parking on any grass at Purina Farms is prohibited, unless you are authorized to do so by a Purina Farms Official.

 Most Disc Dog Travelers stay at the Travelodge Diamond Inn, just a mile from Purina Farms.  Some prefer more amenities and choose to stay at the Holiday Inn Six Flags that is 12 miles down the highway.  There are many other dog friendly hotel choices within 20 miles.  Search for hotels in nearby towns: Washington, Union, Pacific, and Eureka, Missouri all are 15 minutes from Purina Farms and may suit your needs the best.  There is free RV and tent camping on site here at Purina Farms.  Contact us if you are bringing an RV or Camper so we can better accommodate all our happy campers.



General Rules for the Disc Dog Hot Jam:
  1. Any actions deemed by the event staff, to be unsafe, destructive, and/or unsportsmanlike can result in disciplinary actions up to and including the immediate (Possible brutal) expulsion of the individuals involved from the event, competition, and/or Purina Farms’ and may be subject to legal prosecution if warranted by the offense.
  2. All judges’ calls are final, there will be no video review, if you care to dispute a score or unsportsmanlike action bring it to the attention of an event official that is not actively involved in judging the current round and your issue will be addressed.
  3. Any contingencies not covered in this list of rules will be decided by a conference between the Head Judge and the Event Organizer, and only if needed, the involved individuals.
  4. Dogs will be kept on leash if they are not competing or practicing in the designated practice areas.  Safety should be the first concern when letting your dog off leash for either reason.  Purina Farms’ and the other host organizations are not responsible for your dogs’ safety past the safeguards that will be in place for the disc dog event.
  5. Clean up after your dog.  Poop bags will be available near the competition field if you do not have your own.  Mind your dog at all times for its’ and others safety so everyone can enjoy the competition without issue or harm
  6.  Absolutely NO Food or Dog Treats on the Competition Field, this can be distracting to other dogs.  Keep all food in the competitor/spectator area.
  7. If a handler is under 18 years old they must have a parent or guardian sign their liability release form.
  8. Handlers are asked in good faith to compete their dog or dogs in divisions that suits the handler's skill level.  There are some rules and they are often specific to the competition format.  Contact Us with any questions.
  9. Discs allowed for the Novice Divisions are any disc (no hoops or any flyer that is not round) that is deemed dog-safe by the judging staff by direction of the Head Judge.  Pro and Senior competitors are required to use dog specific plastic discs; Hero, Hyperflite, and Fastback varieties, or others by the Head Judge and Event Coordinator’s approval before the competition/event.  There will be specific disc rules for the USDDN Qualifier Divisions and the Skyhoundz Xtreme Distance competition.
  10. Any team can use training aids (not treats) in their round, but unless you fit the Novice Division criteria your round will be an "Audit".  The round will be scored but will not be considered in the competition's placement.  Novice teams may use a "Lure Disc" or other "Lure Object" during toss and fetch events to get their dog to release the disc that is in play.  (please choose a different color disc as a lure disc so you don't confuse the judges)  Novice teams may also use "Long Line" or Leash that is tied to the dog during the round for retrieval training.
  11. All competitors should get to compete in all of their rounds but if sunlight or time restraints prohibit a timely finish: It is the Event Coordinator’s option in any division or event after the first round to make a placement "cut" to advance onto further rounds.  Due to delays, weather, or other issues any event can be finalized after the completion of the first round upon the discretion of the head judge or event organizer.
  12. First round run orders will be randomly selected and then modified to not run a dog back to back.  Second round run orders will be modified to run from the worst placement of the first round to the best and then modified to not run a dog back to back.
  13. It is suggested you walk your dog before your round so this isn’t an issue.  In USDDN Qualifier Divisions a nature break ends the round and a score deduction penalty is made.  In Skyhoundz games; if a nature break occurs during your round time will not stop.  You must always clean the area your dog soiled immediately after your round is complete.
  14. Have fun, be safe, and ask the competition officials if you ever have a question or concern.


Directions to Purina Farms

Google Maps Link, Click Here


Right in the middle of the North America we are forty miles west of St. Louis, MO in Gray Summit, MO


One Mile off of I-44 exit #253, then follow the signs to, "Purina Farms".


Purina Farms

300 Checkerboard Loop

Gray Summit, MO 63039


 If you have any questions please, Contact Us.

Show up (ON TIME!!!), pay your entries, and have fun.


Your Mom loves this event.