In the wilds of Missouri, surrounded by darkness and the noises of the night, your only hope is your skill and a faithful dog by your side.

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What: A (Zombie themed) Skyhoundz Disc Dog-a-thon World Championship Qualifier under the Main Show Field lights


 Including Novice and Senior Divisions in all of the games.


  Hosted by the St. Louis Disc Dogs and Purina Farms.


Where: Purina Farms

             300 Checkerboard Loop

             Gray Summit, MO 63039 

     On the Purina Farms Main Show Field and Working Dog Field


When: August 11th of 2018. 

 Saturday:Registration opens at the Main Show Field at 2pm, Start time is 3pm.  If the weather is unsafe to play, or we loose power for the lights, we will continue and finish the Disc Dog-a-thon on Sunday morning.

 Sunday:Registration opens at the Working Dog Field at 8am, Start time is 9am


Entries: $5 a game.  A handler must choose one division to compete in.  Pro, Novice, or Senior.


If you have a disc catching dog and a $5 bill you are ready to join us for a marathon of fur flyin' competition.  It's a ton of fun.

Parking is 50 feet from the field, No need to bring a tent table or chairs, they will be supplied.

RV Camping near the Main Show Field is welcome to all competitors and friends for the overnight.  No tent camping.


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