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Rules Page
St. Louis Disc Dogs Spring Friendly
Purina Farms
300 Checkerboard Loop
Gray Summit, MO 63039 
Rules for the St. Louis Disc Dogs' Spring Friendly are One Day Event Disc Dog Combined Championships, similar to the Show Me State Disc Dog Championships' but modified for a shorter one day competition.
Competitor Registration Opens: 8am CDT
Competitor Registration Closes: 9am
Start time: 9:00am
Throw and Catch, (One round)
Freestyle, (One round)
Timed Course, (One round)
Flank You, (One Round)
5x100 Yard Dash, (One round, time permitting)
Long Distance, (One round, time permitting)
With a moderate turn out of competitors we should be finished between 5:00-7:00 pm

Entry Fees, Awards and Prizes


Throw and Catch.....$5


Timed Course..........$5

Flank You...............$5

5x100 Yard Dash.....$5  (Time Permitting)

Long Distance.........$5  (Time Permitting)


  • An award will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in all games for all divisions.  
  • Awards will given for Over-all Champion and Runner-up in all Divisions.  
  • Prizes may accompany the awards.



Good Luck, and Dog Speed

Thanks for reviewing the rules page.  It will be explained well at the competition too.  See you there.

Adrian Custer

Disc Dog Combined Championships creator