The Fourth Annual

Show Me State Disc Dog Championships, 2012

Score sheets:

Thank you to all the teams that made the journey to join us.  Everyone was so awesome with such great attitudes, understanding, and excellent sportsmanship.  

Double thanks to the mindful competitors that volunteered their time to judge, score keep, and keep time for the weekends events.  Without volunteer help, events like this are not affordable for a host unless the entry fees are hiked up.  The Show Mes are run on a "..hope we break even..." kind of budget.  And because of our great competitors and Purina Farms we always have.

Scoring errors happen, and they did happen in our Novice Division Over-all this year.  I'm not at all happy with that and I stepped in "it" Sunday.  This competition series is designed to evolve, and has evolved in the last four years.  Accurate judging / scoring is paramount  for any fun and fair sporting event.  There will be improvements made so nobody has to step in "it" like I did.

This year, as in the previous years, we did make a profit.  And that gets paid forward into more disc dog competitions.

I hope to see you  and your pup there.

Adrian Custer
STLDD Competition Director