The Show Me State Disc Dog Championships
2010 Results
Pro Results (click link to download Excel file)
Novice Results (click link to download Excel file)
Team Time Trail Ohio Rules Results (below)
1st place: 86.06 seconds
Ed Tuxbury and Lola
Chandler Curtis and Fury
Ryan Hartman and Dally
2nd place: 104.36 seconds
Christina Curtis and Nitro
Mike Curtis and Jetta
Chander Curtis and Loco
3rd place: 114.22 seconds
Darron Barrus and the Edge
Danielle O'Neill and Millie 2
Adrian Custer and Yard Dart
4th place: 127.87 seconds
Tony Burnett and Big Biscuit
Jeff Sheetz and Towser
Shaun Johnson and Royal
5th place: 145.88 seconds
Danielle O'Neill and Zeke
Kathleen O'Neill and Wilson
Tamera Finocchiaro and Newman
6th place: 147.11 seconds
Michelle Blumenthal and Jive
Gerry Bethel and Jasper
Randy Phillips and Gus
7th place: DNF with 45.48 in round 2
Sharon Galema and Cliffy
Don Lang and Lili
Pat Dughterty and Rocky
8th place: DNF with 45.85 in round 2
Ashley Younger and Abby
Terry Burnett and Annie
Mike Guentz and Rio
9th place: DNF
Lon Weekly and Bailee
Terry Burnett and Choo Choo
Ann Wilhelm and Harley Sue
Thank you to everyone that came out to the 2010 Show Me States.  The Sponsors, the KCDD and the STLDD are already plotting and scheming to make the SMSDDC 2011 the best yet.  I hope to see you all there.  Be safe and keep having fun.
Adrian Custer
2010 SMSDDC Event Coordinator