June 17th and 18th of 2017

Purina Farms, Gray Summit, MO

Skyhoundz World Championship Qualifiers


What:  A Skyhoundz Classic Qualifier on Saturday the 20th, and a Skyhoundz Discdog-a-thon Qualifier on Sunday.

When:  Start time on both days is 9:00 am CDT, registration opens at 8:00 am both days (No Pre-Registration)  Ha!

Where:  38°29'25.6" N90°50'09.7" to be precise.  Purina Farms, 300 Checkerboard Loop, Gray Summit, MO 63039.  On the Flying Disc Field just down the hill from the Purina Event Center.



Pro Division, top division, eligible for all Qualifying spots

Division 3, Beginner, youth, and recreational division, Open and Sport Games only

Novice Division, beginner/recreational /youth division, Open and Sport Games only

Senior Division, 50 years and older division, Open and Sport Games only




Saturday Skyhoundz Classic

Official form for you to print and fill out.  Save time Saturday Morning!
Just hand the forms off, pay your entries, and enjoy your morning.>>>  Click Here

All Open Divisions  (Freestyle-D/A-Freestyle) $15 

All Sport Divisions (D/A Only) $10


The recommended order of events is as follows:

MicroDog Sport Division—Distance/Accuracy Elimination Round

Sport Division—Distance/Accuracy Elimination Round



Youth Division—Freestyle Elimination Round

MicroDog Open Division—Freestyle Elimination Round

Open Division—Freestyle Elimination Round


Youth Division—Distance/Accuracy Round (top 6)***

MicroDog Open Division—Distance/Accuracy Round (top 6)***

Open Division—Distance/Accuracy Round (top 6)***


MicroDog Sport Division—Distance/Accuracy Finals (top 6)***

Sport Division—Distance/Accuracy Finals (top 6)***


Youth Division—Freestyle Round (top 6)***

MicroDog Open Division—Freestyle Round (top 6)***

Open Division—Freestyle Round (top 6)***


Pairs Freestyle Division

***Cuts to the second round of all games will be made only if

 needed to fit this competition in the time between the periods of darkness called nighttime.

 Other rules apply for delays due to unsafe weather.

Top six will be the maximum "Elimination" or cut to the next round.***


Sunday Skyhoundz Discdog-a-thon


Freestyle  $5

Spot Landing  $5

Bullseye  $5

Time Trial  $5

Pairs D/A  $5

Forms for you to print and fill out.  Save time Sunday Morning!  Just hand the forms off, pay your entries, and enjoy your morning.
Everyone fills this one out:
Liability and Public Release Form  Click here
Games, print and fill out every team you want to enter.
Freestyle Form Click here
Bullseye Form Click here
Spot Landing Form Click Here
Time Trial Form Click Here
Pairs D/A Form Click Here


Rules Page for all Skyhoundz Games, Click Here! 


Questions or Smack Talk?  Join us on Facebook!  Use link below.



Everyone is welcome; from first time competitors to old angry Pros.

Awards and Prizes for the top three finishers in any Divisions' Games.  But fun for Everyone. 

Bring chairs, canopy, cooler, containment for your dog, and whatever you need to keep you happy and comfortable.  These Events will take a good chunk of the day if not the whole of every last ray of sunlight.

We'll order lunch at the field, bring some extra cash if you want in on that action.

Be Prepared for some fur flyin' fun, and great disc doggin' friends.

Camping with an RV/Camper or tent is free at Purina Farms and pet friendly hotels are all around the area. 

A limited amount of Hyperflite Competition Standard Discs will be for sale at the event. 


Travel Safely, see you there! 


2014 Finals, Chattanooga, TN